About us

Your space reflects who you are.
It says something about you, about your company, and about your people.
Stilemi, the architect studio of Leonardo Porcelli, believe in capturing that spirit.
We take the time to understand your vision and celebrate that vision with every building and space that we create.

We provides all the necessary materials and services for your architecture and interior design needs.

All projects, large or small, are taken from design conception through to completion of construction with attention given to every detail. From the first meeting to the layout, throughout its realisation and in close collaboration with the technicians and craftsmen, Stilemi follow your project through all the phases, developing it accurately and meticulously.

It is our desire to create an architecture that is timeless and enduring with the passion for elegance and the appetite for the comfort.

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Stilemi di Porcelli Leonardo
via Camillo Olivetti 3
10015 Ivrea (TO)
te./fax. +39 0125 48950
mobile +39 348 5303010